Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Year Round

To be honest the year round shedule is really confusing. I am on track 1 (that is really awesome).
There are 4 tracks. Track 4 is closest to tradtional school. Track 1 is awesome because I now on track-out. You are at school for 9 weeks and then you are at track-out for 3 weeks. But for the winter and summer breaks are are longer. It is the best. But bad news you DO NOT want to be on track 3 and 2 because they are really far away from tradtional.


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Viola said...

I think that the year round calendar is good because you get your holidays better spaced out through the year and you can get holidays away for cheaper because you can go outside of the most popular holiday seasons. Normally, year round children get a shorter summer holiday too (about 4 weeks instead of 3 months).

The trouble that we've had is having you in year round and your sister in traditional.

This summer (Summer 2008) you will have an extra long summer, but this is only because you are switching from year round to traditional. Track 1 tracks out about a week earlier than the traditional year ends, but you start school again with the next traditional year, not when your track tracks back in. This gives you a summer holiday of over 4 months, even though you've had long Christmas and Easter breaks already.