Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers Concert

When it was November 25, 2007 , my family and I went to see a Hannah Montana concert. The opening act was the Jonas Brothers! So anyway we went to Greensboro. On the way.We saw this dude who looked exactly like my cousin, Jacob. My sister and I laughed when ever we saw him. The first time it's a smile then it's whatsup ladies last it is oh they are laughing at me.

When we got to the hall it was about 3:30, and I kept on asking what the time was because I was so excited. Then the Jonas Brothers finally came on it was about 4:00. They came down on a lifty type thingy. Their opening song was Kids of the Future. Then 20 minutes later was Hannah Montana. She came down in a cage. Her opening song was Rock Star. About half way through Hannah Montana's act the Jonas Brothers came on and did a song called We got the Party. Hannah Montana did that song with them. Then the Jonas Brothers did more songs. After that happened she came on as Miley Cyrus. That opening song was, think GNO GIRLS NIGHT OUT.

When we left the colisseum we got some souvenirs. I got a Miley Cyrus t-shirt and Emily got a program. We also got a family program.


Butterfly said...

I had a really good time. There was a big problem with the screaming girls next to dad.

Viola said...

It was a really good day out. I really enjoyed the concert and we had a good view. I had some screaming teeneagers sitting next to me too. They were Jonas Brothers fans, but also seemed to scream a lot at Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus.