Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Violent Square Dancing Song---Written by:Lauren and Mia

***This is very violent. You may die.
***This is made to be danced in the pool.

Swing your partner round and round
Hold them down until they drown

Through them out into the sea
Make sure that they do not see

Beat until them until they die
If they don't then start to cry

Tie them up to a tree
Then count up to three

Break free and run
Quick catch them or they'll gone

Shave of their head
I think i wanna go to bed


selwyn42 said...

This is indeed a violent song. It reminds me of a poet called Harry Graham, who wrote similar violent verse. In one he says:

Saying as he drowned the third,
children should be seen, not heard

Viola said...

It was great fun watching you and Mia dance and sing it in the pool. Very funny. You could call it "aqua square dancing" or "splashdance" or something.