Saturday, May 26, 2007


The end of grade test the worst part of the 4th grade year. The thing I hate about it is that it is
a test and it is at the end of the year. I mean shouldn't the end of the year be fun and calm.
The end of the school year be like not fulled with tests. There is reading comprehenshon, math calculator active, and math calculator inactive. The math questions are like 1/8+1/8 which we all
know equals 2/8.


Viola said...

I agree. I think that they should get rid of EOGs.

Anonymous said...

I think end of year tests sound dreadful, but I'm glad that you know how to add fractions.

selwyn42 said...

We all know it makes 2/8 - but should this not be further refined to 1/4.
What a pedantic grandad.