Monday, November 13, 2006

Poor Little LadyBug

A few days ago Memory (My cat) and Rosalind (My other cat)
were playing with a LadyBug. IT WAS SO CUTE.
Memory was looking out the window, and the Lady-
Bug landed on it. Then I opened the front door to get a drink
after I was helping Mum (The Blogger that some of you know of)
and the LadyBug flew in. Then the cats saw it. It was easy for Memory
to eat it. She just grabbed the LadyBug in her mouth.
Rosalind really wanted to play with that LadyBug because
she is such a playful cat.


Viola said...

What an excellent start to your blog Lauren! Well done.

Butterfly said...

Thanks Mum. I like it to!

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Lauren. Great first post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad! Mum said something similar to your coment.

Anonymous said...

We are very impressed Lauren , so well done

Love from Nick, Nicola, Corrie and Hannah

Butterfly said...

Thanks Corrie, Hannah, Nickola and Nick for that comment.

Lorraine said...

Those cats of yours sure like to eat bugs! Mine just eats tuna.

Butterfly said...

My Mum really laughed at your coment.